Unit Name: Cumberland batholith
Unit Type: Lithodemic
Rank: Complex
Status: Informal
Usage: Currently in use
Age Interval: Orosirian (2050 - 1800 ma)
Age Justification: U-Pb geochronology on monazite gave an age range of 1.90-1.85 Ga (Jackson et al., 1990).
Province/Territory: Nunavut

Originator: Scott, 1996.

Type Locality:
Cumberland Sound, southern Baffin Island, Nunavut.

Monzogranite to monzocharnockite (Jackson et al., 1990).

Termed the Cumberland batholithic complex by Jackson et al. (1990), Scott (1996) and subsequent authors have referred to this unit as the Cumberland Batholith.

Jackson, G.D., Hunt, P.A., Loveridge, W.D. and Parrish, R.R. 1990. Reconnaissance geochronology of Baffin Island, N.W.T. In Radiogenic age and isotopic studies: report 3; Geological Survey of Canada, Paper no. 89-02; pages 123-148.
Scott, D.J. 1996. Geology of the Hall Peninsula east of Iqaluit, southern Baffin Island, Northwest Territories. Geological Survey of Canada, Current Research no. 1996-C; pages 83-91.

Source: Murray Frarey's Precambrian Lexicon
Contributor: P.H. Davenport
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